001Oxygen PillowThe Demo Reel[11/2/2000]
002Oxygen PillowMusic for Smoke Detectors[2/18/2001]
003Patient PH *Orange[9/9/2008]
004Patient PH *Recycled[9/11/2008]
005Patient PH *Video Screen Glow[10/6/2008]
006Bryan HarwellWork[8/15/2009]
002AOxygen PillowMusic for Smoke Detectors (9th Anniversary Edition)[2/16/2010]
007Bryan HarwellGiven the Chance b/w My Dearest One[10/8/2010]
008Patient PH *Moving Through Space[1/20/2011]
009Bryan HarwellFB Blues[3/25/2011]
010Oxygen Pillow *A Picture of Rain[6/19/2012]
006ABryan HarwellWork (Deluxe Edition)[8/14/2012]
011Bryan HarwellMonocle[8/18/2012]
012Patient PH *Neapolitan Noise[10/6/2012]
013Bryan HarwellThe Dilapidated Hat Tapes[10/30/2012]
014Patient PH *Din ve asopkl[12/4/2012]
015Patient PH *81MZ[1/18/2013]
016Patient PH *Tape Balloons[1/19/2013]
017The Harwell Bros.Live at MO's[3/18/2013]
018Patient PH *MMXIII[3/23/2013]
019Oxygen PillowDisk A[5/12/2013]
020Oxygen PillowSeafarer[5/30/2013]
021Oxygen PillowThe Vilonia Rehearsals[6/14/2013]
022Oxygen PillowBurial at Sea[6/25/2013]
023Bryan HarwellI Know Loneliness Too Well b/w I Wrote These Words Down[6/28/2013]
024Sea of Science *Sea of Science[8/2/2013]
025Sea of Science *Revolution Sold Separately[8/2/2013]
026Oxygen PillowJunk Drawer[8/2/2013]
027Bryan HarwellBlack Days[11/12/2013]
028Oxygen PillowArtificial Sun[9/9/2014]
029Patient PH *Run Hello[10/21/2014]
030Oxygen PillowLive at Midnight Oil[10/21/2014]
031Oxygen PillowBurt[10/21/2014]
032Oxygen PillowGreatest Hits 1788-1988[10/21/2014]
033The Harwell Bros.SOCKs[11/14/2014]
034Bryan HarwellCountry Fried Snake[12/13/2014]
035Bryan HarwellHey Duckface[2/7/2015]
036Bryan HarwellWork Sessions[8/15/2015]
037Bryan HarwellHate[2/2/2016]
038Oxygen PillowEnd Phase Two[4/19/2016]
039Bryan HarwellMonocle Sessions[5/3/2016]
040Bryan HarwellDead Animals[12/13/2016]
041Bryan HarwellLive at MO's[1/17/2017]
042Bryan HarwellSAGA[2/13/2018]
043Bryan HarwellSOCKs[3/9/2018]
044Bryan HarwellAsterisk*[5/20/2018]
045Oxygen PillowKing of Daydreaming[6/12/2018]
046Bryan HarwellNo, This Isn't a Love Song[6/21/2018]
047The Phil Harwell ExperienceBlue Day[7/30/2019]
048The Phil Harwell ExperienceYou Are Here[7/30/2019]
049The Phil Harwell ExperienceDaydreaming[7/30/2019]
050The Phil Harwell ExperienceEffervescent Polymers[7/30/2019]
051The Phil Harwell ExperienceAnd Then There Were None[7/30/2019]
052The Phil Harwell ExperienceHome Life[7/30/2019]
053The Phil Harwell ExperienceCrashed[7/30/2019]
054The Phil Harwell ExperienceWire Lenses[7/30/2019]
055The Phil Harwell ExperienceThe Other Side[7/30/2019]
056The Phil Harwell ExperienceConglomerate[7/30/2019]
057The Phil Harwell ExperienceA Vial of Dark Fluid[7/30/2019]
058The Phil Harwell ExperienceAnthem[7/30/2019]
059The Phil Harwell ExperienceTexture[7/30/2019]
060The Phil Harwell ExperienceNo Electricity[7/30/2019]
061The Phil Harwell ExperienceClass Ring[7/30/2019]
062The Phil Harwell ExperienceRare Gyms[7/30/2019]
063Bryan HarwellBlack Days Sessions[7/24/2020]
064Bryan HarwellCountry Fried Snake Sessions[7/27/2020]
065Bryan HarwellBootleg[7/27/2020]
066Oxygen PillowRe[7/30/2020]
067Oxygen PillowWake Up[7/30/2020]
068Oxygen PillowDancin' Tuesday Welcome the Englishman[8/24/2020]
069Bryan HarwellVintage Point[9/22/2020]
070Oxygen PillowA Tree Full of Chains[10/14/2020]
071Bryan HarwellPrize Possession[8/15/2021]

* this release has been previously published under a different name (or names)


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